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Delaware Local Counsel

Want proper litigation representation in Delaware? George Pazuniak frequently serves as Delaware or local counsel for out-of-state attorneys and businesses involved in litigation before Delaware Courts, particularly in the area of patent litigation.

Litigation often ends up more disruptive and time-consuming than it needs to be.Talk with an experienced Delaware counsel, who has litigated in Delaware since 1977.

The Office focuses on serving as Delaware counsel to firms involved in legally and technically complex patent litigation pending in the District of Delaware.  The District of Delaware is one of the busiest venues for patent litigation in the United States, and George Pazuniak has participated in matters with each of the Court's judges, as well as many mediations and other pretrial proceedings with the Court's Magistrate Judge and Special Masters.  We are familiar with the role of Delaware counsel and have the flexibility to meet the constantly changing demands.

Intellectual Property Litigation 

The Pazuniak Law Office can assist as Delaware or local counsel, as co-counsel, or as lead counsel, in IP cases in Delaware. 

Whether your patent is infringed or you are accused of infringing a patent, Pazuniak Law Office can help you achieve the justice to which you are entitled.

George Pazuniak has long represented national and local clients in disputes regarding patents, licensing disputes, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets in cases in Delaware and around the country. George Pazuniak has represented multiple Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) and has represented many companies defending against claims by NPEs.  His representative cases include both jury and bench trials, and comprise a wide-range of technologies, as for example:

Ø  telecommunications,

Ø  biotechnology,

Ø  medical devices,

Ø  computer chips and hardware,

Ø  software,

Ø  chemical compounds, and

Ø  pharmaceuticals.

George Pazuniak has also successfully handled many appeals to the Federal Circuit, which are exemplified in his list of representative cases.  

The Pazuniak Law Office brings this accumulated a wealth of experience in, and information about, litigation of intellectual property disputes to bear to maximize the effectiveness of our representation of each client, while offering reasonably priced legal representation.

Despite successes at trial, the Office recognizes that client’s best interests may be served by resolving cases through negotiation, mediation and settlement, where appropriate.  George Pazuniak will help you resolve cases efficiently with the least disruption to your work.

Intellectual Property Consultation

The above experience and information are also brought to bear in advising clients regarding a variety of issues related to intellectual property protection, including counseling regarding infringement, validity and enforcement of patents, the selection, protection and enforcement of trademarks and securing trademark protection, and advice regarding domain name matters. The Office provides will provide reasonably-priced representation for:

Ø  Due Diligence

Ø  Valuation of patents for enforcement and value

Ø  Patentability Assessments

Ø  Patent Validity/Invalidity Opinions

Ø  Patent Clearance/Freedom to Operate Analyses

Ø  Patent Infringement/Non-Infringement Opinions

Ø  Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Procurement

Ø  Portfolio Analysis of Clients and Competitors

Ø  Portfolio Building, Management, and Monetization

Ø  Licensing and Technology Transfers

Ø  Strategic Counseling